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Universal Life Insurance with Universal Life Insurance Pros

What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy in which your premiums earn interest. You can use the account to take out a loan or withdraw from it to cover personal expenses when you need to. This is a flexible policy that allows you to decide the amount of your premium payment (subject to minimums) and choose the amount of life insurance that you need. You can change the policy and choose the frequency of your premium payments. The death benefits are usually tax free, and the policy will grow in tax-deferred cash value.

Who Should Choose Universal Life Insurance?

Those who are seeking out a permanent yet flexible life insurance policy can benefit from universal life insurance. Universal life insurance policies are popular with older people as well as younger people. This is because they include the guaranteed death benefit as well as the ability to gain cash value over time. Many universal life insurance policies also come with an investment feature which appeals to many.

Types of Universal Life Insurance

There are different policy designs for universal life insurance, including guaranteed protection and cash accumulation. There is also variable universal life insurance with death benefit guarantee options and access to cash value. Call Universal Life Insurance Pros at 888-304-7775 to work with our customer service representatives to determine which type of universal life insurance will best suit your needs.

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Guaranteed Protection Universal Life Insurance

With guaranteed protection universal life insurance, you can choose the length of your guaranteed protection and choose the payment schedule for your premiums. These will not change on you as long as you consistently make your payments on time.

Cash Accumulation with Universal Life Insurance

The option of cash accumulation with universal life insurance makes it possible for you to change your premiums and death benefits while meeting your financial goals by building up tax-deferred cash value.

Variable Universal Life Insurance with Death Benefit Guarantee

Variable universal life insurance policies with a death benefit guarantee ensure that your loved ones will receive the guaranteed minimum death benefit. This will not be affected by investment performance or any other factors as long as you continue to make payments on time.

Variable Universal Life Insurance with Access to Cash Value

Variable universal life insurance policies with access to cash value give you access to the cash in your policy through loans or withdrawals. This can assist with planning for the education of a child, the rising healthcare costs of advancing age and the changing healthcare economy, or the purchase of new assets. As long as your payments are made on time, you will have access to the cash value that accumulates on your variable universal life insurance policy with access to cash value. Call Universal Life Insurance Pros at 888-304-7775 to learn more about your universal life insurance policy options and how you can use this policy to meet your financial goals while protecting your loved ones from unforeseen death and loss of income.

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